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Over the last 50 years, business has become the most powerful tool for shaping our communities and our impact on the planet. In many cases, the ways it has been wielded have proven to be truly degenerative, leaving our ecological systems deeply degraded and we, the people, ever more disconnected from ourselves, our neighbors, and the natural systems that support us all.  We created the program because we believe that  if more compassion, wisdom, and ethical integrity are brought to bear in business today, we can reverse this trend. 

Etsy.org is an independent 501(c)(3) launched by Etsy.com in 2015. Our mission is to develop transformational business education programs that enable us all to work in ways that regenerate our lives, our enterprises, and our communities. 

Our Staff

Matt Stinchcomb: Matt is the Executive Director of etsy.org. Previously, he was the VP, Values, and Impact at Etsy.com. In that role he oversaw the stewardship of the company's mission, and worked to give all employees the means and the desire to maximize the benefit their work has on people and the planet. In 2013, he was named a GOOD Magazine 'Figure of Progress'. The next year he was named as one of the Purpose Economy 100. In 2016, Matt was selected as a BALLE Local Economy Fellow. Matt also serves on the Board of Directors for the Schumacher Center for New Economics, the Center for a New American Dream, and Naropa University. He is a graduate of Oberlin College and lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife, Benedikta, and their sons, Francis and Lewie.

Erica Dorn: is Managing Director at etsy.org, where she choreographs our experiential and participatory business leadership programs. Erica champions the notion of 'deep scale' in business - she believes we can all contribute to building inclusive and compassionate economies that improve our collective future by uplifting diverse and locally-owned businesses. Erica's led a mission-driven career working in U.S. micro-finance, community economic development, and small business education. Erica ran business development and lending for Accion New York, the leading micro-lender in the United States. In her practice consulting for the new economy, she built programs that advocated for inclusive ownership and heart-led decision making for institutions like the Queens Public Library, Department of Small Business Services, Fare Resources, and Bernoulli Finance. Erica is an adjunct lecturer at Baruch College in Community Economic Development, a Slow Money NY board member, and a Coro alumni for the Leadership NY Program in 2012. 

Caitlin Dourmashkin: Caitlin is etsy.org’s Director of Operations, which means she dots the i’s and crosses the t’s throughout all areas of our work. Her passion for process is born from her work supporting and organizing local business owners to build a better, more compassionate economy. In her 15 years as a New York City resident, her career has flowed from the hallowed halls of city government to the mean streets of local economic development. As the Director of Planning and Community Development at Evergreen, an industrial development non-profit organization in north Brooklyn, she founded a network of food businesses focused on building the skills and relationships necessary to power a renaissance in New York City’s local food production industry. Her interest in food is not just a professional choice, she volunteers as a Slow Money NYC board member and is an encyclopedia of New York’s most adventurous dining options. Caitlin holds a  B.A. in Political Science from Fordham University and a M.S. in Urban Planning from Columbia University.

Grace Lodge: Grace joined the etsy.org team in 2015 after time working in the fashion industry as Production Manager for a small NYC based brand. Having dedicated much of her time at school and beyond to working with social enterprises in the U.S. and abroad, Grace sees value and great opportunity in the creation of a new approach to business education that cultivates the next, compassionate economy that works for all. Grace graduated from the University of Colorado, Leeds School of Business in 2013. As Program Coordinator, Grace focuses on communications, research, and logistics at etsy.org. She loves working with fellows in the programs and finds joy in working towards more regenerative business strategies and implementation in their enterprises. Grace grew up moving from NYC to Tokyo to Basalt, Colorado and now lives in Brooklyn.


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etsy.org is based in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

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